Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Then the righteous will answer Him,
"Lord, when did we see You hungry
               and feed You,
or thirsty and give You drink?
And when did we see You
   as a stranger and welcome You,
or naked and clothe You?
And when did we see You sick
   or in prison and visit You?
And the King will answer them,
"Truly, I say to you,
as you did it to one
of the least of these my brethren,
      you did it to Me."

                  Matthew 25. 37-40

help us that we would not just
see a need and fill it,
or see it as ministry
              and fulfill it,
but see real people
         and see You in them
and serve and love You
                     in them.
My relationship with Christ
radically impacts
     how I  see others
         and how I love them.)


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