Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I know
   that the LORD maintains
   the cause of the afflicted
and executes justice for the needy.
Surely the righteous
  shall give thanks to Your name;
the upright 
  shall dwell in Your presence.

                      Psalm 140. 12-13

(The Psalms are such powerful words,
because they reflect the hard core
           cries of the human heart.
David does not just believe;
                     David knows
        the LORD never lets you go.
David has seen it with his own eyes
  what a relationship with God means.
David did not write this psalm
         as a nice poem or positive thought
    but through the reality
                of the LORD in his life.
Dwell in His Presence.
Even now.
Even in this.
The LORD never lets you go.)

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